Inward Telegraphic Transfer

The easiest and most cost-effective way to receive money from overseas is to use our Inward Telegraphic Transfers method. You just complete a simple form, send the details to the person overseas and they make a deposit in their own currency into a Western Union account. If the country of origin is not one that has a Western Union account, the deposit will be converted to a standard currency eg USD. Your transfer is converted into Australian Dollars and credited into your Summerland account, usually within 3-4 business days.

To arrange for a transfer from overseas, click here for the secure link



As an alternative to Inward Telegraphic Transfers, you can transfer money from an overseas bank account to your account at Summerland, using 'BIC' codes. These codes are sometimes referred to as ‘Swift’ codes.

Summerland's Bank Identifier Code (BIC)

Note –Telegraphic Transfer systems will identify this BIC as ‘Australian Settlements Limited’ who handle inbound Telegraphic Transfers on behalf of Summerland Credit Union.

Credit to Bank Name
Summerland Credit Union

Beneficiary receiving/customer account details
Please include our BSB then your account number, e.g. 728728 XXXXXXXX

Beneficiary name and address
Your full name (no initials)
Street address (cannot be a PO Box)

Important: if the transfer has been sent in a foreign currency, the intermediary bank in Australia will convert the transfer into Australian Dollars (AUD) at the foreign exchange rate applicable. Summerland Credit Union is not involved in the foreign currency conversion. The intermediary bank in Australia and the overseas bank may deduct fees from the funds transferred, as these amounts are not charged by Summerland we are unable to determine the amounts or the exchange rate applied.

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