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March 22, 2019

Top five financial tips to give your kids

We have all learned some financial lessons the hard way through life so why not pass on some of that wisdom to the next generation?
It seems they are faced with even greater challenges than we were,...


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Summerland Credit Union

At Summerland, we're dedicated to giving you friendly, personal service, and expert financial solutions. When you're a customer of Summerland Credit Union, you're also an owner of our business.

We're community-based, and defined by our mutuality: we're owned by our customers, run by our customers, and everything we do is for the ultimate benefit of our customers. We're not like a bank; our profits don't go to external shareholders, they go right back to our customers through fairer fees and improved levels of service.

Being a sustainable organisation means supporting our communities, our people, the environment and making sound and ethical decisions.


Saving money and helping the environment

by Serina Bird   Can you save money while living sustainably? Yes, you can. And in my own way, I’ve been making some sustainable choices...

How to reap the rewards from your credit card

by Serina Bird   My name is Serina. I’m a frugalista. And I own a credit card. Say what? Aren’t credit cards like really, really bad? If...

Making a Difference with Luke Vassella

“I think this is the best place and the best country; what’s not to love?”   Luke Vassella is a singer-songwriter who has been making music...

Nimbin: The environmental capital of the Northern Rivers

Located in the northern corner of the Lismore catchment area in New South Wales, Nimbin has a population of around 2,000 people. As one of the...