When is it available?

Product information – September, 2020

Generic information about savings, transaction, term deposits, loan and credit card products including features, eligibility, rates and fees will be available from Tuesday 29th September 2020.

This is available through a new Product API (Application Programming Interface).

This will enable other providers to use this information to compare banking products for consumers, and as such increase competition and make it easier for you to compare products and services.


Customer and account transaction data – July 2021

You will have access to share your banking product, balances and transactional data from July 2021.

As we get closer to this date further information will be available to show you how to consent to and share your data. This will occur via your internet banking and banking app access.


As always, our priority is protecting your privacy and information.

We have strict requirements for collecting, accessing, storing and sharing your information to ensure your data remains safe.

You are in control of your data, including who can have it and how it is used, there will be new privacy safeguards such as consent requirements to enable this. These safeguards have been established by the Consumer Data Right legislation and adherence to those rules will be monitored and any breach can result in substantial penalties.

You can request Summerland Credit Union to stop sharing your data with other third parties at any time, or if a third party is retrieving your data, you can request to have it deleted.


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