How to share data

Establish a data sharing request with an accredited third party data recipient

Using the third party's online portal, provide details on the data you wish to share, how long you want to share it and whether it’s a once-off or ongoing data sharing arrangement.


Consent to the sharing request

After you make these selections you’ll be redirected to Summerland’s Open Banking portal.

Here you will be requested to enter your Summerland member number and a one-time password (OTP). Your OTP is obtained by logging in to your Summerland Internet Banking. When you log in you will be automatically redirected to the OTP page or, if you are already in Internet Banking, you can access your OTP via the Services menu and selecting the One Time Password option

Enter the OTP into the Open Banking portal and follow the prompts to confirm the data you agree to share.



You will be redirected to the third party site and your data will be shared according to your request.


Maintaining your sharing requests

You can stop sharing data at any time using the Sharing module in Internet Banking which is located in the Services menu.

Select the authorisation you wish to stop, this will take you to the Sharing Details page where you can select Stop sharing.


Deleting your data

When you decide to stop sharing data, the third party will give you the option to delete the data from their records. If you don’t choose for it to be deleted, or if it cannot be deleted the third party will delete any identifiable data.


Correcting your data

If you identify an error in shared data please contact us on 1300 802 222 or visit your local branch

You can request Summerland Credit Union to stop sharing your data with other third parties at any time, or if a third party is retrieving your data, you can request to have it deleted.


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