Do your banking safely and easily, 24/7

  • open accounts online - you can open new accounts at a time to suit you
  • account balances - check up on your accounts
  • transaction list - view all of your transactions during a specified date range
  • funds transfers - transfer money between your own accounts, or to any other account within Australia
  • interest earned - keep an eye on how much interest your accounts are earning
  • auto transfers - set up future-dated funds transfers, either one offs or recurring
  • payroll details - view direct credit suppliers for your accounts
  • batch processing - ideal for businesses, send out a batch of payments in one go, either one-off or recurring
  • BPay payment - pay your bills quickly and easily
  • BPay view - receive your bills electronically
  • eStatements - save on paper, receive and view your monthly statements online
  • SMS alerts - keep track of your account balances with txts straight to your mobile
  • loan redraw - redraw any extra funds you’ve accumulated on your eligible mortgage
  • loan application - apply for a loan anywhere, anytime
  • loan status - check up on your loan application’s current status
  • activate - activate your new or replacement card
  • update status - if your card is lost or stolen you can quickly advise us by updating your card status
  • change PIN - change the pin on your card


Paying bills with BPAY® couldn't be much easier. Perhaps that's why, on average, over 5 million payments are made through BPAY every week for virtually anything – from household bills to flights online, school fees to pet care products and so much more.

With BPAY you can pay from the security of Summerland Credit Union, on the 'net or over the phone. And you have control of your payments 24/7. You can pay one off bills or schedule payments for later. How much and when you pay is completely up to you. It really is that simple.

Don't be hard on yourself. Make life easier with BPAY.

How to pay with BPAY

  • Register for internet banking or telephone banking, if you haven't already
  • Look for the distinctive BPAY logo on your bills
  • Log on to our internet banking site or call our telephone banking service
  • Select the BPAY or bill payment option and follow the simple instructions
  • Wait for and record your receipt number
  • For further information contact us on 1300 802 222 or visit your local branch

Virtually every bill that displays the BPAY logo and a biller code can be conveniently paid with BPAY – that means more than 15,000 billers accept payment via BPAY! Just check your bills for the BPAY logo.

With your account balance updated instantly, you always know exactly where you stand.

Schedule your bills with BPAY

You can’t perfectly time everything, but at least you can perfectly time payments with BPAY® Schedule. BPAY Schedule makes paying bills less complicated by allowing you to schedule your payments. Pay them immediately, or schedule a payment for later*.

* Scheduled payments are subject to systems and funds availability. Some bills may require payments to be for an exact amount and/or made by a certain date. The biller may apply late payment charges or other penalties if paid after the due date. BPAY® is a trademark of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518. Check if BPAY is right for you by reading the terms and conditions available from Summerland Credit Union.


In addition to paying bills via BPAY, another product, BPAY View, allows you to help save paper and the environment to receive and view bill statements via email from participating billers.

BPAY® is a trademark of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

Secure SMS

What is Secure SMS?

As part of our ongoing commitment to the security of our customers' funds, we have implemented Secure SMS, a free and easy-to-use service available to all Summerland internet banking customers.

Using the speed of text messaging, we're making online banking even safer by using your mobile phone to provide an extra level of authentication.

How does it work?

Once set up with Secure SMS, you'll be sent a confirmation code each time you want to:

  • Send over $500 to a new transaction destination
  • Send money to saved history transactions (if you haven't previously sent them $500 or more)
  • Update your personal details or register/de-register from online services

This extra level of protection means you can have peace of mind when banking online.


Make a real difference to the environment, change how you receive your statements from paper-based to electronic.

There are many benefits to receiving your statement electronically via Internet Banking (IB), rather than it being printed & posted to you.

Benefits of eStatements


  • access transactions in real-time on the banking app or in IB where transactions are immediately visible
  • it’s easy to change to eStatements – you can do it yourself from within IB or speak to our staff who can step you through setting it up


  • safer to check them every day, rather than wait for a statement to arrive
  • you don’t have your financial details sitting in the letterbox (what if you’re away, on holidays, etc)
  • statements are stored securely by Summerland, only accessible by authorised customers
  • a full history is saved within Summerland’s IB system, making it easier to find past statements


  • when your statement is ready, we’ll send you an email notification
  • eStatements can be downloaded & emailed or printed & taken to the accountant at tax time
  • they arrive faster as you don’t have to wait for the post to arrive, and the post is getting slower
  • they can be printed from anywhere you have net access
  • you can access them in any Summerland branch, including printing them if needed
  • changing to 6-monthly statement cycle means it’s easier as there’s only 2 statements a year for tax purposes

Save money

  • it costs no more than printed statements
  • it saves your credit union money, and as a customer-owned business, the less expense Summerland has, the better services we can deliver
  • you don’t have to file & store them, saving money

ECO - Friendly

  • it is environmentally friendly as less paper and envelopes are used

Do it now!

Switching to eStatements is easy. Simply:

  1. Log into Internet Banking
  2. Click Settings, then Manage eStatements
  3. Follow the prompts to register

Not using our Internet Banking?

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Join the growing number of people who are taking decisive action to help the environment with Summerland's eStatements. Every little bit helps.


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