Visa Debit Card

As added convenience, you can change your PIN at any Summerland ATM. For security reasons, you need to know your current PIN.  

Why get a Summerland Visa Debit Card

  • No minimum balance
  • Utilise ATM networks Australia-wide
  • Accepted at ATMs worldwide
  • Check out faster with payWave
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Use your own funds
  • Easily shop online
  • Pushing credit gives you access to the Visa security benefits such as the Visa Zero Liability policy, which protects you against unauthorised transactions. Click here to read about Visa Zero Liability
  • Use BPAY to pay accounts
  • Pay bills over the phone
  • Monitor transactions 24/7 via Internet Banking
  • Bank at selected Australia Post outlets (Bank@Post™)

Transaction Monitoring

Summerland takes the security of your card seriously and monitors transactions behind the scenes to detect fraud. If unusual activity on your account is detected, a Summerland representative will contact you to confirm transactions have been authorised and are not fraudulent. We would NOT request you provide your personal details, account numbers, PIN, passcodes or full card numbers to help us to do this. If Summerland is unable to make contact with you we may send an SMS asking that you contact us.

If you are unsure of a call you have received, please contact us on 1300 802 222 or by email to 

Download Conditions of Use

Target Market Determination available on request at our branches.

Verified by Visa

What is Verified by Visa?

If you use your Summerland Visa Debit or Credit card for online purchases, you may come across Verified by Visa at some merchants.

Verified by Visa is a fraud prevention tool that makes online shopping safer by authenticating you as the genuine cardholder during the transaction process.

How does Verified by Visa Work?

Each time you make a purchase online, Verified by Visa assesses the risk level for your transaction with information such as spending patterns and the value of your purchase.

For most online purchases you won’t even know that Verified by Visa is working behind the scenes.
If the purchase appears out of the ordinary, you may be asked to enter some simple personal information during the transaction. Both the Verified by Visa and Summerland logos will be visible where you are asked to enter this information.

Correctly entering information when prompted validates the purchase as genuine.

Registration for Verified by Visa

All Summerland Visa Debit and Credit cards are enrolled in Verified by Visa, so there is no need for you to register additionally for this service.



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Visa Credit Card

Summerland makes it easy with four fantastic credit cards to choose from.

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