At Summerland, we're dedicated to giving you friendly, personal service, and expert financial solutions.

When you're a customer of Summerland Credit Union, you're also an owner of our business.

We're community-based, and defined by our mutuality: we're owned by our customers, run by our customers, and everything we do is for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

We're not like a bank; our profits don't go to external shareholders, they go right back to our customers through fairer fees and improved levels of service.

As a credit union, we hold a banking licence and all customer deposits and investments are protected by the Federal Government Guarantee* for amounts up to $250,000. 

As a customer and part owner of our credit union, you can have a direct say in how the business is run by voting at our Annual General Meeting and by voting in elections for our Board of Directors.

Since 1964, we've been helping families manage their finances, buy their homes and cars, fund their businesses, insure what's important to them and grow their wealth.

*See us for details.

Our Vision

Making a difference.

Our Mission

Providing people with ethical banking solutions to fulfil their life dreams.

customer service promise

We promise to provide realistic ethical options; combined with practical advice to efficiently guide you to your preferred choice

We promise you can trust us to help you achieve your financial goals

We promise to treat you as though you own this place; because you do

summerland values

The Board

Meet the Summerland Board of Directors.

Executive Team

Meet the Summerland Executive team.


Corporate conduct and disclosures.


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