Protect yourself this Christmas

It’s a great time of the year – holidays, presents, family, friends, relaxing and celebrating.

But… it’s also a time when thieves can ruin it for you. Here are some tips to help you stay safe this Christmas.

  1. Don’t advertise you’re away. Cancel any usual deliveries, ask friends to park their car in your driveway when they come to check on your home, connect a radio & lamp up to a timeclock to come on and go off several times during the day & evening so people think you’re home, don’t put on social media where you are (post photos when you’re back).
  2. Don’t leave Christmas shopping visible in cars; locked cars are not 100% secure.
  3. Don’t ask couriers to leave packages on your front verandah.
  4. Keep Christmas gifts out of sight if someone comes to your front door.
  5. Don’t leave your front door unlocked whilst you’re away, or even whilst you’re home(but out the back).
  6. Lock your car when filling up at the petrol station – thieves can easily open the passenger door & take whatever is on the front seat.
  7. If you’re travelling overseas, let your financial institution know which countries they may see purchases made in so they don’t suspend your cards.
  8. Consider installing a movement detection video/audio doorbell linked to an app so you see who’s at your front door & can speak with them on your phone, even when you’re not there (they just think you are).


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