Is it too early to think about Christmas?

Is it too early to think about Christmas?

Well, Yes and No.


Yes, because we need to get through another year and we need to navigate past the hot cross buns in the supermarkets which have been out since Boxing Day.

No, because putting a little bit of cash aside each week now, will make it soooo much easier when the fella in the red suit rolls around again.

If you are in a position to put $25/week into a Summerland Bonus Saver account and make no withdrawals, you’ll earn a great rate on what you put aside and there’s encouragement to not dip into the account as you’ll miss out on interest in that month if you do. But you have the benefit of knowing that the money IS there which you can withdraw instantly, in an emergency.

Why give your money each week to an organisation which supplies hampers at Christmas time, where they keep the interest earned on your savings. Set up a Bonus Saver account and you keep the interest. Just set up a free automatic transfer each week of $25 and we’ll make it happen for you, automatically.

The earlier you start, the more you’ll have come Christmas time.

Why not set up a ‘Holiday’ Bonus Saver account as well. After surviving Christmas, Easter, birthdays, work, exercise, and everything else that takes up time, you could do with a getaway!

Give us a call & we can help you, or customers can set up a Bonus Saver account right now in Internet Banking.


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