CUFA Village Entrepreneur Update

CUFA Village Entrepreneur Update

You may know that as a CUFA member, Summerland Credit Union invests in supporting individuals in South-East Asia who are in severe poverty.


We are delighted to report that two individuals who we support, Trong Pann and Sreymom Pin from Cambodia, recently graduated from one of CUFA’s programs, aimed at building their own micro-business. Through their participation in the program, they are able to continue to grow and contribute to their community’s development.

Sreymom, who has 5 children, continues to expand her chicken farming business. Trong, who has 2 children, however has been busy expanding his business as a shell seller and chicken farmer.

For them personally it has been fantastic, because they’ve been able to improve their access to healthcare and education, as well as make regular contributions to their savings account through their micro businesses.

Find out more about CUFA’s Village Entrepreneur program.



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