We are proud to offer support to a wide range of organisations throughout the community, including charities, schools, sporting organisations, social clubs, and community events.

We set out to share our sponsorship funds through a fair and equitable process, in a way that proves mutually beneficial for both our customers and the sponsored organisations.

We support the community through our Cash 4 Clubs and Cash 4 a Cause donation programs. We form partnerships with sporting clubs, schools, charities, or other not-for-profit organisations, which allows them to earn extra cash as their members take up Summerland products.

As well as financial assistance, we also offer in-kind support to a wide range of community-based groups and charities across the region. This support includes supplying promotional goods and items, the use of signage and corporate marquees, assistance with staff volunteering, as well as the promotion of different events in our newsletter, on our website and social media, or within the Summerland branch network.