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Tell your family and friends about Summerland and ask them if they would like to join too

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Your family member or friend joins Summerland, quoting your customer number

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You’re both in the draw to win $500 each!

How does it work?

Tell your family and friends about Summerland and ask them if they would like to join too. Let them know that if they join before 31 October, they can enter the draw to win $500 when providing your customer number.

To be eligible for the draw the new customer must have credited at least $800 to their account within the first 30 days of its opening, and supply the customer number of the ‘referrer’. Applicants who have held a Summerland membership in the 12 months prior to joining are not eligible.

To be eligible for the ‘referrer’ draw each entrant must have received deposits of $800 to their Summerland account in the 30 days prior to the ‘friend’ applying.

How does the monthly draw work?

When a new customer joins their entry is valid for its respective monthly draw only. Each months draw will be held on the last business day of the month after the valid entry is made – this ensures all entrants have at least 30 days to become eligible.

For example, John joins on 15 August, his entry will be included in the draw held on the September 30. John must make deposits of at least $800 before 14 September (30 days) to be eligible for the draw. Jill joins on the 31 August, her entry will also be included in the draw held on 30 September. Jill still has the full 30 days to make her deposits in time for the draw.

When will the draws take place?

The draws will take place at Summerland Credit Union’s Head Office at 101 Molesworth Street Lismore on:

  • First Draw – Thursday 30 September at 4pm

  • Second Draw – Friday 29 October at 4pm

  • Third Draw – Tuesday 30 November at 4pm

How will the winners be advised?

A staff member from Summerland Credit Union will contact the winners by telephone on the day of each draw at 5pm. If we are unable to make contact by telephone an email will be sent to notify the winners. A deposit of $500 will be made into the winner's account on the day of the draw.

Existing Customers

Provide your customer number to your family or friend.

You can invite as many of your family or friends as you like until 31 October 2021.


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