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Who are CUFA?

CUFA is an international development agency dedicated to combating poverty across the Asia-Pacific region. CUFA’s core programs focus on economic, education, enterprise and employment activities, all of which enable people to lift themselves out of poverty and strengthen their communities. Instead of giving hand-outs, CUFA works to provide the skills, knowledge and resources required for people to break out of poverty while offering ongoing support.

CUFA facilitates the creation of community banks, new micro-enterprises, employment placement programs and financial literacy education.  Its work helps individuals, families and communities create sustainable livelihoods and participate in their local economies, and it empowers people to imagine brighter futures for themselves.

At Summerland, we see the building and strengthening of communities as an integral part of our business practice and a direct reflection of our core values of sustainability, community, ownership, respect and ethics. CUFA's Village Entrepreneur program is a true representation of these values in action and I am proud to be part of such a worthwhile initiative. Please join me in supporting them.

Margot Sweeny Chair, CUFA

Village Entrepreneur Program

The Village Entrepreneur program provides villagers and their families in Cambodia and Timor Leste with the skills and resources to start up or expand a small business so it becomes a sustainable source of income for them and their family. These villagers are the poorest of the poor in the community, they earn less than $2 a day and are unable to access any capital to expand or start up a business to help better their family’s situation. CUFA’s Village Entrepreneur program helps these villagers by connecting them to an everyday Australian, known as a Community Investor, who provides a monthly contribution to them and their business.


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