Bangalow Branch Manager, Christina Emilio and Bangalow President, Paul Hanigan

Every Blue Dog has their day!

Summerland Football was delighted to recently donate $330 to Bangalow Blue Dogs, following money earnt through Summerland’s Cash 4 Clubs referral program.

Bangalow Blue Dogs President, Paul Hanigan was delighted. “We have been a partner with Summerland Football for many years, and have always enjoyed the ongoing relationship we have had with them.”

“This is one of many payments we have received from Summerland through their Cash 4 Clubs program, and it is greatly appreciated. All we do is promote their products and the club gets cash back to use wherever we want. It’s a win win!”

Bangalow Branch Manager, Christina Emilio echoed these feelings and was thrilled that Summerland Football was able to support a local grass roots club. “The Blue Dogs are a key part of the local Bangalow community, so I am delighted we are able to give back some cash to the club through our Cash 4 Clubs program. I appreciate that funds at a grassroots level can be tight, so this is an effective way of earning cash back with very little effort from club members.”

Having been a supporter of the Bangalow Blue Dogs since 1998, Summerland Football would like to take this opportunity to wish the club’s members and supporters all the best for the forthcoming season. Go the Doggies!