Dr Anne Bunde-Birouste. Photo credit: National Australia Day Council
Dr Anne Bunde-Birouste. Photo credit: National Australia Day Council

Anne Bunde-Birouste: Making a difference to female football

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Summerland Football is highlighting the inspirational women on and off the pitch that continue to make a difference to the game in this country.

Anne is renowned for her work with disadvantaged groups, having spent over 25 years working in this field. It is her work as the Founding Director of Football United, where she continues to make a major impact.

Following Anne’s experiences in Paris in 1998 where she witnessed a multicultural French side clinch their first World Cup, Anne pursued using football as a vehicle to integrate refugees. Launched in 2006, Football United continues to use the beautiful game to inspire young people whilst helping transition them into Australian society in a fun, accessible and safe environment.

For over a decade, the not-for-profit organisation which has collaborations with FIFA Football for Hope, Sydney FC, Tottenham Hotspur and Laureus amongst others has helped thousands of young people across Sydney. Many of which have now taken on roles as youth leaders, project coordinators and mentors within the organisation.

In an interview with SBS just over a year ago, Ann said the long-term goal for Football United is to one day host an official FIFA Football for Hope festival in Australia, to help today's champions become tomorrow's role models.



Photo credit: National Australia Day Council